A user-friendly and publicly accessible web server based on SFPEL-LPI has been established for the readers’ convenience. It is available at www.bioinfotech.cn/SFPEL-LPI. The web server is helpful to the people who desire to test and verify the lncRNA-protein interactions, no matter whether they understand the algorithmic details carefully or not. Here, a step-by-step guide is given to show the use of the web server.

Step 1. Prepare lncRNAs and sequences as input

The server accept sequences of lncRNAs in FASTA formatted as input. If you only know the noncode id of the lncRNA (or protein), You can click the ‘Query’ tab to search the lncRNA (or protein) sequence data, as shown by Fig. 1.

Step 2: Predict interaction proteins (or lncRNAs)

In the ‘Predict’ tab, you can input lncRNA (or protein) sequences into the input box or directly upload your text file that you prepared by clicking on the ‘Load File’ button, then click the ‘Predict’ button to submit the input information to the web server. You can click the button ‘Load Demo’ to see an example as shown by Fig. 2.

Step 3: Download results

The potential lncRNA-protein interactions predicted by SFPEL-LPI are shown in the input page. You can download the prediction results as a csv or pdf file (Fig. 3), and visualize the results and save the figure in a png file (Fig. 4).

CODE and dataset

Download CODE and dataset